The cannabis opportunity.

Chart sources: Deloitte, Anne Holland Ventures Inc, Biarne Capital.

Payment gateway revenue is correlated to cannabis product spend.

In a mining boom, sell shovels.

Supply Chain Growing Retail Medical
Description The supply of industry equipment & services Growing biomass for medical or retail use Sale of cannabis direct to customers Research into medical properties of cannabis
Industry Growth Exposure High High High High
Commodity Price Risk Moderate High High High
Regulatory Risk Moderate High High High
Barriers to Entry High Low Moderate High

In a mining boom, sell shovels.

Why now?

Fragmented marketplace

The cannabis payment marketplace has evolved with many small players.

Competitor disruptions

Elavon, an industry leader processing US$100m+ per month had to pull out of the market in April-19 due to compliance issues. This has created a significant opportunity for SDZ.

Targeting a single, achievable and lucrative pain point

Cannabis companies are willing to invest time and money into improving their payment services. With industry margins falling in 2018, every 1% saved has a material impact.

SDZ infrastructure is suitable for all controlled substances

Cannabis companies have the greatest need, but pharmaceuticals are a natural progression. Proof of concept and market scale will lead to new industry applications.

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