Company Overview.

SDZ founded in 2017 with the goal to leverage its cannabis relationships and tech experience.

The SDZ platform is live – completing transactions for third party merchants, generating revenue … and ready to take market share.

Team with a History of Delivery.

Payments: SDZ team lead designed the code for a payment gateway processing US$350m a month.

Executive team: CEO previously at the investment bank J.P. Morgan, with our CTO the Regional CEO at a leading technology consulting firm.

The Problem.

Payments in the legal cannabis and hemp industries are expensive and difficult to execute.

Online transactions cost merchants up to 6.5% of sales value vs. a 2.5% average for other industries.

The Solution.

The core of the SDZ platform is our payment gateway allowing firms to execute financial transactions – compliant and designed with the unique challenges of cannabis in mind.

SDZ have a payment gateway, SDZpay, that is able to process payments using MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Bitcoin and eCheck – in multiple geographies.

For Investment Information:

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For Investment Information:

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Significant Market Opportunity.

SDZ has developed a purchasing community for our network, driving volumes through the gateway.

Content is driven through social media to our owned platforms, including the 100% owned cannabis social network – SDZ.Today

SDZ owned retail storefront make a margin selling third party products – e.g. 30% margin on CBD oil at SDZ owned website

SDZ targets a 1.5% margin on its payment gateway processing for third party brands.

Revenue is correlated to both the value of transactions processed (% fee via payment gateway) and margins selling third party product.

Cannabis is a global market worth in excess of US$20bn per annum – SDZ estimate a 10% market share could deliver over US$70m in annual EBITDA

Investment Highlights.

Building on the momentum of initial revenue, SDZ is seeking US$200,000 in capital to continue to build and maintain the competitive moat it has developed.

Use of funds to complete tech build out to be ready to scale aggressively. Valuation of US$2m attractive for a revenue generating payments business.

U.S. Cannabis Spend.

Potential revenue vs market share.