Commercialisation strategy.

SDZ has executed a contract with an aggregator

Over 90% of our year 1 forecast revenues are underpinned by contract. MFD, a payments aggregator, will provide SDZ volumes, ramping up to US$100m a month by Dec 2020.

Minimise front facing development

Integrate payment gateway data onto blockchain. Avoid costly front facing functionality and get to market and generate high margin revenues as soon as practical.

Invest in building a competitive moat

Near term use of capital primarily to reinforce competitive advantages in technology.

Return on capital focus

Payment gateways can be high return and capital light. Once confident the barriers to entry are substantial, cashflow and shareholder returns will be a priority.

Our vision.

Removing friction from banking services in controlled substances.

  • Integrated product & financial tracking to bring credibility to the industry.
  • Leverage the data generated from the platform for better quality products – with the power to improve lives.

The team.

Hugh Stackpool – Chief Executive Officer

Hugh has experience across investment banking and equities. Prior to founding boutique advisory Biarne Capital, Hugh was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan in the equities division, having previously worked at Sydney based private equity firm Bamford Partners.

Hugh has sector experience in technology, cannabis, mining and agribusiness.

He is chapter executive of Australia for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Institute and holds a bachelor of commerce from the University of Sydney.

Joel Capin – Director

Joel is a world leader grower of cannabis having won the Cannabis Cup in 2016. He leads a team of over 25 people that focus solely on the development of medical grade cannabis. Joel is a visionary in the cannabis space and is commonly known as one of the top three growers in the World.

Joel’s attention to detail when it comes to his plants is second to none. His growing methods are unique with a huge focus on growing off-grid using sustainable energy via natural water, natural gas wells and solar panels to produce power. He grows in facilities that have no chemicals at all, and you could say his strains are the most effective organic strains in the world today.

David van Rooyen – Chief Technology Officer

With a passion for technology and business, David van Rooyen brings a wealth of strategic thought and execution to innovation and technology initiatives. He is a thought leader on Blockchain and has lead several projects developing products and integrating solutions using the technology in financial services, insurance and utilities.

David is a founding partner at Pomerol Partners, a data and analytics company, where he also heads up their software innovation and development team. He drives new technology innovation and development specifically focused on the efficiency gaps created by legacy technologies within and between businesses and consumers.

Ron Creevey – Technologist and Advisor to Board

Ron is an experienced tech entrepreneur having founded a number of online businesses. Ron was an early employee and executive at Australia’s first officially sanctioned internet service provider, Magna Data, in the 1990’s. He subsequently entered the online payments industry and designed the platform for a listed payment gateway firm that processed up to $350m per month in transactions.

Ron has founded and driven projects across social media, website development and mobile payments, with a passion for developing new and transformative technologies.

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